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DON'S VOICE GREETING: (Scottish Grandparents accent) (530) 680-6576

Thank you for viewing my Ministry site! I will make the church grow numerically and spiritually because God blesses me and others when we reach out and do His work. Are you ready for some serious growth? Time is short before the Lords return!: Let's get busy! It is my sincere prayer that God would like us to work together in your community to spread God's Word and bring people to Christ before He returns, which according to the book of Revelation it may be soon. There is much work to be done before He returns. I would like to see The Lord's church become a place in the community where people feel safe to come for help. The church should also be a place where we as Christians can feel safe to confess our sins without the fear of judgment from others and rejection. Unfortunately, the world has taught us as individuals to put up a force field, which I call a Bubble. That bubble keeps others from seeing us on the inside and it also prevents us from outreaching for help. This is the opposiste of what the Lord wants for his children. So one of my missions is to pop those bubbles and make the church a place where we can recharge, confess and be encouraged.  A church that conveys the message to the community that "Sinners are welcome here." If you are experiencing the same enthusiam ("enthusiam" means "In God") as I,  then perhaps it is God's will that we work together in outreaching to the community for our Lord and Creator.

Check out my article on the subject of THE BUBBLE SYNDROME on this link:

JESUS - THE GOD/MAN. God tabernacled in the flesh:





Scripture To Live By!

"And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others." (II Timothy 2:2)



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