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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

The most important information about me is that I was raised around spiritual and religious people. I became a Christian at the age of 13. I have loved the Lord since then and continue to look forward to serving Him still. However, even though I serve as a Minister does not make me perfect. I am a man like any other man. I have my sins, faults, mistakes and need the Lord in my life. I need his forgiveness and love as we all do. We need more Pastors admitting that they are sinners as well and allow the community to see such humility and down to earth attitude. People without Christ will not be attracted to a church that appears to be superior or without sin.

I attended Oroville High School and enrolled directly into college. Before I attended college for my Masters I was going to be a architect. I was an excellent student in Architecture and Art. I studied and practiced Martial arts from Chuck Norris school and continued my studies and practice in Bruce Lee style Jeet kune Do. I have been a dance instructor and still learning more. I also have a Real Estate license. Below you will be able to see a sample of some of my art that is on the internet.

Love is revealing your inner self with that one special person.

My Artwork

I have enjoyed drawing since I was 12 years old. At that age I was collecting comic books, and still do, and using them to teach me how to draw. Later, I took art in High School and then eventually an adult class. I hope someday I will have more time to do more creating, but for now here is a sample.

More of my artwork:

Favorite Movies and TV Shows:

Braveheart (since Im Scottish)
Star Wars series
Lord of the Rings
Bruce Lee movies (since I practice martial arts)
The Green Hornet (Bruce Lee as Kato)
Star Trek
Fantastic Four
Old Classics (Superman, Green Hornet, Lost in Space, Time Tunnel etc..)

Favorite Music:
Blackmore's Night (Celtic)
Coors (Celtic)
Bewitched (Celtic)
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Neil Diamond
Elton John
I enjoy music from 1950's to 1990's
I enjoy classical music and Native American Indian music.


Some of my skills and hobbies I have also learned can be very useful to the Lord in serving Him.  Such as teaching art, computers, dancing and martial arts. I used to offer classes that was a valuable tool in the involvement of the community with the church. For instance I offered free Karate lessons to the teens as long as they attended services and other Christian activities of the church. I called it "Kicking for Christ." Dancing also attracted people of all ages.  As I offer myself to the Lord I offer all of me. I am His to use for His glory.